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ZKMC Wall painting machine, it worths every penny of it

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China Beijing Zhongkemeichuang Science And Technology Ltd. certification
China Beijing Zhongkemeichuang Science And Technology Ltd. certification
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Company News
ZKMC Wall painting machine, it worths every penny of it
Latest company news about ZKMC Wall painting machine, it worths every penny of it

ZKMC Wall Printing Machine, You get what You pay for.


As we all know, the advantage of wall printing machine is to save time and energy, as long as put the design pictures into the computer, the wall printer can print beautiful patterns.

The painting effect done by the machine is more delicate and realistic and efficient compared with manual artists works.


Many people dare not start. why? They worry about the life time of the machine.

The higher the price, the higher the quality. Wall painting machine price largely determines the service life of it.


It is not possible that high configuration machine be sold out at a lower price, because all sorts of wall painting machine parts are delicate and valuable, our factory can not produce all the machine parts, for instance, the print head etc need to be imported from other countries, so the machine price can not be too low to cover our imported machine parts etc. cost. The print head is delicate and need to be take good care of, the print head diameter one percent of one millimeter, which is as thin as one quarter of human hair.


Wall printing machine has the following characteristics:

1) Suitable for any material home decoration, and out side wall.

2) Tailor-made design, you can choose your favorite pattern according to your preferences.

3) The construction is simple, the wall painting only need 1 person to watch the operation, a wall printing machine of about 50 kilograms can operate automatically and efficiently.

4) Eco-friendly water-based ink, anti-ultraviolet, anti-conjunctival, odorless.

5) Compared with the return, the machine and ink cost is very low. The ink cost less than half us dollar per square meter, the industry charge standard spice 10--50usd or even higher. The printing speed is adjustable, vary at 3-20/h, the high the printing resolution, the lower the speed. Outside wall You can use fast speed, indoor wall You can use higher resolution.


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