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How is the business of Wall Painting Robot?

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China Beijing Zhongkemeichuang Science And Technology Ltd. certification
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Company News
How is the business of Wall Painting Robot?
Latest company news about How is the business of Wall Painting Robot?

How is the business of wall printing robot? Today, when it comes to wall printing machine,many people will think of the magnificent murals in Notre Dame de Paris in Europe, and also the cool graffiti on the street. Wall painting actually was originated since the hunting, worship and life record on the murals by ancestors of ancient civilization.


The current wall painting is more like the street painting in the United States, the cool exaggerated lines reflect youth and vitality.


In the perspective of anthropology, we are more attracted by colorful things. British scientists have done a survey, in the same street, the passenger flow of colorful wall shops is 2-3 times that of white wall shops. Most passengers can't help walking toward the colorful side shops.Shop owners see this opportunity, they start to decorate their walls in order to attract more customers.


Why wall paintings are so popular?


Reason1, Richer

People now get richer and seek higher quality life. Wall painting looks beautiful, it can show the house/shop owner’s taste, and also can become a topic of conversation. Families, including upscale communities, schools and kindergartens etc. are all decorate their walls.


Reason 2, Non-toxic and Eco-friendly

People, especially the elderly, pursue health and long life. In recent years, "formaldehyde", "leukemia", etc words impact the wallpaper market. Because adhesive in the wallpaper contains formaldehyde, and the wallpaper market declines dramatically.


Wall painting is a perfect replacement for wallpaper, because its composition is based on acrylic pigment ink, which contains zero formaldehyde.


Reason 3, Patterns can be customized and last long

Compared with limited wallpaper, pattern customization is a major advantage of wall painting.

Brushing a layer of finish paint can help wall painting turn waterproof, dust proof and scrubbing proof, the pattern can last 15-20 years without fading.


The drawback of manual wall painting is also obvious: Expensive

Manual wall paintings need PROFESSIONAL painters. The basic painter salary is 35usd per day, skilled painter 70usd per day, and expert painter much higher.

From the first draft to the final completion of a painting takes one week at least, which makes the labor cost higher, and a lot of pigment is wasted when they paint on walls.


Is there a machine to replace the manual painting?

Yes! There is really such a machine on the market. The ZhongKeMeiChuang wall printing machine solves the shortcomings of high cost, high threshold and slow speed of manual paintings.


The ink cost is low, the machine doesn’t waste a drop of ink, ink cost less than 1usd per square meter, automatic machine spray painting is very fast and cost low, no need to hire professional painters. You just need to click on the screen, select the painting and click start, the machine will automatically complete the whole process.


With the wall printing machine, you yourself can become master of painting immediately, as long as you select a picture in your computer or smart phone, it can be painted vividly on walls.


As the top manufacturer in this field, we can provide you some theme photos if you may need, we provide lifelong maintenance for our machine. Our quality is good, price is affordable, after-sales service is heartwarming. Kindly note some manufacturers/companies copied the same business but their products are fake with poor quality and service. Some of their machine even may cause short circuit and explode.

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