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How about the market prospect of wall printing? Is it easy?

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China Beijing Zhongkemeichuang Science And Technology Ltd. certification
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How about the market prospect of wall printing? Is it easy?
Latest company news about How about the market prospect of wall printing? Is it easy?

How about the market prospect of wall printing? Is it easy?

With the continuous improvement of of people's living standards, they began to pay attention to health, soul and art, they want decorate their house graceful,relaxing and show their own taste.


According to the foreign media survey, if the wall painting of a company is more pleasant, its business will increase 10%.


Wall painting can appear anywhere, wall painting market prospect will be better and better, and the competition become fiercer. So the earlier you enter, the easier the market.


Business demands from 4 aspects,


1. Culture Wall

Urban cultural wall and beautiful countryside wall is a big project that government attach great importance to and invest enough funds. It is an image project aimed at urban-rural integration, and being carried out to urban and rural all corners with different design and style. And the images on cultural walls will be updated each year according to the government guide. Outside wall is not one-off but a continuous business, it is an attractive market and the profit is reaching you all the time.


2. Public area decoration

In every country, the area of public buildings is huge. For instance, according to authoritative statistics, the area of public buildings in China is about 5.1 billion square meters, the total construction area of commercial buildings is about 10 billion square meters, and increasing year by year.


There are many three-dimensional Spaces, such as campus, kindergarten, hotels, restaurants, large shopping malls, medical institutions, parks, temples, bars, fitness clubs, office buildings, various commercial buildings or public places etc, these public places all need decoration design on walls, very profitable market.


3. House decoration

House decoration market is huge. The interior and exterior walls of many commercial buildings, family villas and private courtyards, can print on TV background wall, sofa background wall, small study room or studio wall, bedroom wall, children's room wall, indoor staircase corridor wall, kitchen wall,bathroom wall, garden walls etc.


4. Advertisement

In every country, advertising and decoration field is a gold mine, for instance, China's advertising decoration industry annual value is 16billion USD. The cost of printing brochures, posters, metal billboards, LED billboards etc are low, and the profits of these advertising can be hundreds or thousands times of the cost.


Wall painting market is a guaranteed market ,the robot is not expensive, the ink cost is less than 1usd per square meter, but the market price is 10---50usd per square meter(10---20usd outside wall, 20---50usd interior wall) which is very lucrative. What you need to do is to buy a brand Wall Painting Robot and start your business.


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