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China Beijing Zhongkemeichuang Science And Technology Ltd. certification
China Beijing Zhongkemeichuang Science And Technology Ltd. certification
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The best quality vertical wall printing machine: "the result was great and the machine worked perfect"

—— Steve

Popular vertical wall printer:"we starting to get a wonderful result and we are so happy, excited and satisfied. Thank you so much for your support"

—— Noble

Top UV wall printer: "For summer we take contract for decoration 245 rooms and around 700 square meters. Last 2 days finished show room"

—— Peter

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Answers to all your questions
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What is 3D Wall Painting Robot? It is the result of big demand of wall paintings decoration. It is a high-technology machine, Can print the photos you like on the walls, either interior walls or outdoors.


Many people are wondering if it is worth investing, whether they will earn money or not, In fact, as long as there is a wall, there is a market.


Many wall painting robots entrepreneurs appear on market recent years which shows this is a lucrative business. What's this robot for? Of course, to earn money.


Many people are wondering the future of wall painting robot, well, it depends on Your marketing ability. Yes, the market is big enough,for instance, outdoor wall advertisement, projects of government-guided culture walls, Internet bars, kindergartens, interior walls, etc.


Wall painting robot is not a money printer, but, if you let the painting robot work for you, it can become a money printer. The ink cost is only around1USD per square meter printing, and the market price is 10---50USD per square meter.

It is efficient, it can print 3--10 square meter per hour. The speed depends on the dpi and the complexity of pattern itself.


Many people wondering if the wall painting robot has a long life,

In fact, it depends on the operation environment of the equipment, Whether the equipment is operated properly, whether this equipment is produced by a powerful manufacturer, whether the users get enough professional training etc. And the most important factor is the manufacturer brand, we are a leading brand, come on, welcome join us now.


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